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This is the official website of gresade aka Hans-H.Klos.
Gresade is an artist and DJ producing electronic music since about 1998. His style is characterized by the use of unique self-programmed sounds and psychedelic vocals that you can hear in his tunes. He produces fast&trippy drum'n'bass as well as deep laid-back electro grooves and electro-rock.
You can freely download all songs. They are licensed as
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Flying Pig 7,6 MB Downtempo melodic electronic composition
98 7,0 MB Breakbeat trippy breakbeat adventure
111 7,9 MB Downtempo deep melow downtempo electro tune
u make me sniper 8,7 MB Jungle Driving Jungle track with positive refreshing vibe! You make me sniper!
awake at night 9,5 MB Jungle Jungle all the way!
you are my acied 7,1 MB Acid Oldskool acid track
jimpy jumpy 8,7 MB Acid Jimpy the jumpiest jumpster!
acid on my underwear 8,8 MB Acid Whatever
delicious 8,3 MB Jungle Delicious pianoey oldschool experimentalist Jungle!
obey 9,8 MB electro Obey!
kuchen 11,1 MB electro house Kuchen! (updated)
everyday 5,9 MB electro deep melo electro
this is no jazz trip 8,4 MB Drum'n'Bass demo version
empty matrix 7,6 MB Drum'n'Bass deep and trippy
acieed 8,6 MB acid house You want acid?
why 8,6 MB electro You never asked me why.
some taste 5,7 MB Drum'n'Bass You want some taste of that? (updated)
want me 5,1 MB electro What do you want from me?
realitaet 6,5 MB electro a melodic electro tune (updated)
aufgetaut 9,2 MB electro some sophisticated lyrics :)
nowhere 8,9 MB electro Electro tune
manchmal 8,0 MB electro hier stimmt doch irgend etwas nicht..
lonly 6,2 MB Drum'n'Bass nice and tasty
belong together 4,7 MB electro the way it should be
smart 5,4 MB electro simplesizer at work
help me 2,7 MB electro Another electro tune from gresade
main 4,9 MB abstract House main
bite my tongue 6,3 MB abstract House bite my tongue
Dirty and used (remix) Drum'n'Bass

This is my Remix for CEOXiME
"Dirty and Used".
released on Invin-Kor

icecream 6,8 MB electro icecream, on a hot spoon
wiedersehn 5,2 MB electro Es wird Zeit, dass wir und wieder sehn...
under cover agent 4,3 MB electro only instrument used:
Quasimidi Polymorph
resonant seed 8,1 MB electro Oldskool track from 2003
rabuka laluka 7,5 MB electro Oldskool track from 2003
bassline 8,3 MB electro Oldskool track from 2003
every time 2,9 MB electro slow, melodic, was on radio Resonance
more soon...



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